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How Many Intentions Per Mass?

I’ve written before about the Mass “for the people” (pro populo) that pastors are bound to offer on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligations for the sake of their parish(es). But at the other Masses each week, For how many intentions … Continue reading

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May Deacons Use the 1962 Blessings?

Following upon recent posts, I have received several comments and emails from deacons, asking if they may use the blessings contained in the 1962 Rituale Romanum. I have declined to post these comments or answer them privately because it is a … Continue reading

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Blessings for Ordinary Things

The Church has many wonderful blessings to enrich and enhance our daily life. Every priest should have a copy of the 1962 Rituale Romanum, which contains these blessings, many of which were not carried over to the post-conciliar “Book of Blessings”. … Continue reading

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How to Incense the Altar

123. The Priest goes up to the altar and venerates it with a kiss. Then, if appropriate, he incenses the cross and the altar, walking around the latter. That’s the extent of the directions the General Instruction of the Roman Missal … Continue reading

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A Change of Rubrics

The Church teaches that the faithful have the right to the liturgy celebrated according to its laws — according to the rubrics — for they express the mind of the Church and are a guarantee of the catholicity of our … Continue reading

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Where should the priest look during Mass?

What is a priest supposed to do with his eyes during the celebration of Mass? The question probably seems trifling and frivolous to many, but the answer to it can greatly affect the experience of those assisting and praying at … Continue reading

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Smartphone in Confession?

A couple of years back, I started to notice an uncanny occurrence: often things that I had spoken about (out loud) during the day would suddenly appear in online ads (e.g., on my Facebook). It didn’t take long for me … Continue reading

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Vesting Prayers in Three Languages

It used to be that a priest was required to say a prayer with each garment that he put on as he prepared for Mass – ordinarily, seven prayers total, including the initial washing of the hands (there is not … Continue reading

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Spanish Mass: When the Mass Parts Aren’t

It is an extremely widespread phenomenon that Mass parts sung at Spanish Masses do not have the correct words – that is, the words printed in the Roman Missal; words which, in the case of the main parts of the … Continue reading

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Notes on Trinity Sunday

I am grateful to Archbishop Gullickson (whose blog you should read) for posting on Twitter a link to this article with some historical notes on the provenance of Trinity Sunday: Non Est Authenticum: The Micrologus on the Feast of the Holy Trinity … Continue reading

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BLESS me, Father…

It occurred to me today to ask other priests this question (in the event that there may be some priests among my readership): when the penitent says to you, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…”, do you actually give … Continue reading

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For Priests: Blessings in the Communion Line

There have been plenty of discussions online and elsewhere about whether blessings should be given in the communion line to those who are not receiving for one reason or another. I do not intend to address that concern here. My … Continue reading

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