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Spanish Mass: When the Mass Parts Aren’t

It is an extremely widespread phenomenon that Mass parts sung at Spanish Masses do not have the correct words – that is, the words printed in the Roman Missal; words which, in the case of the main parts of the … Continue reading

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Notes on Trinity Sunday

I am grateful to Archbishop Gullickson (whose blog you should read) for posting on Twitter a link to this article with some historical notes on the provenance of Trinity Sunday: Non Est Authenticum: The Micrologus on the Feast of the Holy Trinity … Continue reading

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BLESS me, Father…

It occurred to me today to ask other priests this question (in the event that there may be some priests among my readership): when the penitent says to you, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…”, do you actually give … Continue reading

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For Priests: Blessings in the Communion Line

There have been plenty of discussions online and elsewhere about whether blessings should be given in the communion line to those who are not receiving for one reason or another. I do not intend to address that concern here. My … Continue reading

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Why Do Some Sign Themselves during the Penitential Rite?

It is fairly common to see people making the sign of the cross when the priest says the words, “May almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins, and bring us to everlasting life. Amen.” Yet, that sign … Continue reading

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First Blessings and Masses of New Priests

There is an urban legend out there to the effect that there is a plenary indulgence available to anyone who receives a “first blessing” from a new priest within a year of his ordination. This is false. No such indulgence is … Continue reading

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Is Père Hamel a Martyr?

Is Father Hamel a martyr? I would like to think so – and I have certainly thought so today. But in the end I cannot say for sure. I wonder if we may still need to pray for his soul also. … Continue reading

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Purificator Purity

I’ve recently, after a long hiatus, had occasion to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite – with its rubrics that are far more detailed and thought-provoking than those of the Ordinary Form. And doing so has revived in … Continue reading

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Preparing the Chalice: A Detail

Have you ever noticed the priest wiping the inside of the chalice with the purificator after pouring in the wine and water, and wondered why? I first noticed this being done in the televised Mass on EWTN many years ago. … Continue reading

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Can Deacons Bless a St. Benedict Medal?

What we are really talking about here is both exorcising and blessing the medal, but many people refer to the blessing alone when speaking about it. As you know, the St. Benedict medal is a very powerful sacramental that has, for … Continue reading

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Pyx Problems

A pyx is the sacred vessel that is used for transporting the Most Blessed Sacrament – usually to bring Holy Communion to someone who is sick. The purpose of this post is not to write about Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion or … Continue reading

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Seminarians Take Note: First Blessings

Seminarians who are preparing for ordination often wonder about how to give their first priestly blessings, both after their ordination and First Masses, and in other situations where people approach them – usually during the first year especially (for which, … Continue reading

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