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Tenth Anniversary

Last month – on June 7 – I celebrated my tenth anniversary of priestly ordination. My parishioners at the Cathedral of St. Paul (and friends from former assignments and beyond) organized a lovely celebration for me. Here is a small … Continue reading

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Arnaud Beltrame, Great Hero

I apologize for the radio silence of recent months — it’s not that I haven’t had ideas of things to post about, it’s just that I usually do not have the time to do so or, when I do, I … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Prayers in Spanish

Several years ago I made recordings of the first three Eucharistic prayers in Spanish, for a brother priest (fellow native English speaker) who wanted to practice. For some English speakers who are learning Spanish, I think, it can be easier … Continue reading

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Some Old Mass Spirituality

The other day I was chatting with a priest who also celebrates both the older and newer forms of the Roman Rite. Most priests with experience in both will readily admit that their learning of the older form greatly enriched … Continue reading

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Can Deacons Bless a St. Benedict Medal?

What we are really talking about here is both exorcising and blessing the medal, but many people refer to the blessing alone when speaking about it. As you know, the St. Benedict medal is a very powerful sacramental that has, for … Continue reading

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Seminarians (and Priests) Must Learn Spanish

It is by now well-known, at least in some circles, that seminarians are required by the Church to learn Latin (Code of Canon Law, canon 249), and that this directive is widely ignored. Many seminaries, bishops, and vocation directors protest … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on Music, Liturgy, John Paul II

Our pope emeritus, Benedict XVI, gave a speech yesterday at Castelgandolfo (the papal summer residence), where he received doctorates honoris causa from two Polish universities. Even though he has gone on record saying that he would not write any more theological … Continue reading

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Seminarians Take Note: First Blessings

Seminarians who are preparing for ordination often wonder about how to give their first priestly blessings, both after their ordination and First Masses, and in other situations where people approach them – usually during the first year especially (for which, … Continue reading

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Latin Conferences

A Latin-speaking priest friend has notified me of two important Latin conferences that will be held this summer. These will be great opportunities to turbo-charge your knowledge of the Latin language and meet other people with similar interests. If you might … Continue reading

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Inspiring Episcopal Leadership on the Eucharist

I was recently pleased to come across a decree issued by the Archbishop of Ferrara, Italy, Most Rev. Luigi Negri, who is an impressive leader in the Italian church. This bishop takes seriously his duty to safeguard the Holy Eucharist in … Continue reading

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Confession in Sixteen Languages

In my travels I’ve gone to confession in four different languages: English (obviously), Spanish, Italian, and French. And as a priest I’ve heard confessions in various languages. There are some places where I’ve been, however, where I did not speak the … Continue reading

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Seventy Eight Languages

I read this fascinating article today about Cardinal Mezzofanti, a prodigious churchman of the 19th century who knew 78 languages. It was published in the excellent Italian journal Il Timone (“The Rudder”). I thought you would enjoy it also, so … Continue reading

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