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Bilingual Catechism

With the new catechetical year beginning, it may be time to consider once again a purchase of my book. This basic bilingual catechism (Spanish/English) meets a pastoral need that I have encountered over and over again: in working with Latino … Continue reading

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Baptism Booklet for the Extraordinary Form

I have had many more parishioners requesting that their child’s baptism be done in the Extraordinary Form (EF) in the past few years, which has necessitated my learning how to do it. What’s more, I’ve had to think through how … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Prayers in Spanish

Several years ago I made recordings of the first three Eucharistic prayers in Spanish, for a brother priest (fellow native English speaker) who wanted to practice. For some English speakers who are learning Spanish, I think, it can be easier … Continue reading

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Non Fecit Taliter Omni Nationi

This phrase in Latin means “He has not done thus for any other nation”, and is a verse from Psalm 147. It is also frequently associated with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I would say that the majority … Continue reading

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