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The Best Incense

Incense is a topic that, in some places, can be almost as divisive as the subject of sacred music. In many parishes it is no longer used — period. In some places, it is only used once or twice a … Continue reading

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Ecce, Sacerdos Magnus

A great priest passed from this life mid-afternoon today, November 29, 2018, here in Birmingham, Alabama: Fr. Lambert Greenan, O.P., age 101 upon death and having been a priest on this earth for 78 years. Fr. Lambert, né Lawrence, was … Continue reading

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Praying for the Dead – And A Cautionary Tale

Two of the three past/deceased bishops of the Diocese of Birmingham are buried in our courtyard beside the Cathedral of St. Paul. The most recent to be buried there was Bishop David E. Foley, bishop of the diocese from 1994 … Continue reading

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Seven Sisters: A Great Gift

An extremely generous and kind parishioner notified me a little while back that she was intending to set up a Seven Sisters Apostolate group to pray for me. Today she sent me the names of those who are praying, the … Continue reading

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Tenth Anniversary

Last month – on June 7 – I celebrated my tenth anniversary of priestly ordination. My parishioners at the Cathedral of St. Paul (and friends from former assignments and beyond) organized a lovely celebration for me. Here is a small … Continue reading

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Thank You

As we continue our Advent preparation and near the feast of Christmas, my heart is filled with gratitude for so many things, including you, those who read my blog. I have not been able to post much over these past … Continue reading

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Thanks Again

Thanks to a kind reader who sent some books from my Amazon wish list. I don’t know who you are — but God does. Prayers!

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Spiritual Reading

I’ve just started reading Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence – a spiritual classic. This is clearly an important book. I’ve gotten more out of just the first few pages than I have out of entire books before. How is it that it … Continue reading

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Helpful Thoughts on Marian Consecration

I made a total consecration to Mary, using St. Louis de Montfort’s guide for doing so, in preparation for my priestly ordination (I timed it so that it would end on the day I was ordained). More recently, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Some Fan Mail

A courageous local individual sent me an unsigned note today – it was written on a piece of scrap paper with some unintelligible excerpt of an article printed on it, and came in an envelope from a large corporation headquartered … Continue reading

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Formal Installation as Pastor

Today Bishop Baker came to celebrate the 10:00am Mass at St. Barnabas, at which he formally installed me as Pastor of both St. Barnabas and Holy Rosary. (The office took effect on July 1, 2015, my having been Administrator for the … Continue reading

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Another Homily on Vocation Boom

The web site “Vocation Boom!” asked me to record another homily for them – this one, for the Solemnity of the Ascension. If you’re interested, you can listen to it by clicking here.

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