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Thank You

A kind reader sent me two books from my Amazon wish list. Amazon did not include any slip of paper saying who sent them! Thank you, whoever you are! Know of my prayers.

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We Need To Use Prayer Books

I had an interesting insight tonight while praying with a wonderful group of men and boys that meets at my parish. As the meeting began we all knelt down to say an opening prayer from their prayer book. Facing the … Continue reading

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Altar of Repose

This year I had a traditional altar of repose set up in my parish, the Cathedral of St. Paul. A local carpenter constructed the backdrop and shelf assembly that was erected in front of our statue of the Blessed Mother, … Continue reading

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Checking on the Nuns

I had a brief trip down to Montgomery today, and on the way back I stopped in at the Dominican Monastery of St. Jude. I’ve written about them many times on this blog. A wonderful group of cloistered Dominican nuns! … Continue reading

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Blessing after Miscarriage

I recently had the opportunity – for the first time in my 8.5 years as a priest – to do a “Blessing after Miscarriage”. I wanted to post about it, because I suspect that it is simply not widely known … Continue reading

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Vestments Arrived

The vestments that many of you helped me purchase have just arrived – a day early, and in any case, much faster than I ever expected! I will bless them soon. I will be able to use the green one … Continue reading

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Help Me Buy A Chasuble?

UPDATE January 16, 2017 – I have removed the links to the crowdfunding page, as a total of $1,800.00 was donated so that I could purchase not only the white set pictured but also this green chasuble & stole! Thank … Continue reading

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The Pope of Gestures

Pope Francis has repeatedly been referred to as “the pope of gestures“. It is of note, then, that the Holy Father again celebrated Mass on the high altar of the Sistine Chapel this past Sunday, the Feast of the Baptism … Continue reading

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In Time for Christmas

My saturno arrived today — much quicker than expected. This will do nicely. 

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Cardinal Sarah Again Addresses Ad Orientem Worship

I would like to call your attention to Sandro Magister’s latest column, in which he presents the upcoming book of Cardinal Robert Sarah. In particular, the excellent Cardinal again speaks about “ad orientem” worship. I quote: “FACING EAST” (par. 254) … Continue reading

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Making Prayer a Priority

I have been thoroughly enjoying Cardinal Sarah’s book, God or Nothing, during my retreat this week. And I feel the need to share the following excerpt on prayer (pp. 120-122): * * * How would you describe this life of prayer … Continue reading

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Mass according to the Rubrics

I’ve posted on various occasions about Mass celebrated ad orientem, “facing east” – that is, with priest and people facing the same direction, toward the altar. You can easily use the search feature on the blog to find some of those … Continue reading

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