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Some Old Mass Spirituality

The other day I was chatting with a priest who also celebrates both the older and newer forms of the Roman Rite. Most priests with experience in both will readily admit that their learning of the older form greatly enriched … Continue reading

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Checking on the Nuns

I had a brief trip down to Montgomery today, and on the way back I stopped in at the Dominican Monastery of St. Jude. I’ve written about them many times on this blog. A wonderful group of cloistered Dominican nuns! … Continue reading

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Vestments Arrived

The vestments that many of you helped me purchase have just arrived – a day early, and in any case, much faster than I ever expected! I will bless them soon. I will be able to use the green one … Continue reading

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Saturno – Another Priest Christmas Gift Idea

I’ve never really been much of a hat-wearer, but I do enjoy the wonderful variety of hats in the Church. Recently, it seems, a particular style of hat has been in the news: the Saturno (so-called because it resembles the planet … Continue reading

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Pastors Should Take A Pyx “Collection”

A post on this blog that has received a lot of traffic and generated a lot of contacts from readers is the one I wrote on PYX PROBLEMS a little over a year ago. Many good people had already noticed some … Continue reading

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Purifying the Vessels

The purification of the sacred vessels at Holy Mass is an action limited to bishops, priests, deacons, or instituted acolytes. There was, at one point here in the United States, a special indult that allowed for other lay people to … Continue reading

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Holy Cards

I’ve always enjoyed collecting holy cards, particularly the older ones that one occasionally finds with unique and beautiful images and prayers or quotations on them. I remember that when I used to go to the local adoration chapel to pray … Continue reading

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Preparing the Chalice: A Detail

Have you ever noticed the priest wiping the inside of the chalice with the purificator after pouring in the wine and water, and wondered why? I first noticed this being done in the televised Mass on EWTN many years ago. … Continue reading

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Concluding our 125th at Holy Rosary

This evening we had a special Mass for the parish feast day at Holy Rosary, concluding our 125th Anniversary Year. Those who may not have been following all of this may read this post to learn more about the special indulgence that … Continue reading

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The Love of Learning

In my childhood I went to public schools – and good ones, at that. I am grateful for the education that I received. But I do still remember some of its negative aspects also. (There really weren’t many.) One of the … Continue reading

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Thank You for Your Prayers – Update

Thank you to all who prayed for the religious sister who was dying. She passed away peacefully yesterday, July 31, Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, surrounded by family and sisters. Sister A.M., rest in peace!

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Please Help the Nuns

I’ve posted here before about a lovely, small community of cloistered Dominican nuns located in the center of Alabama, in the town of Marbury: St. Jude Monastery (here, here, here, here, and here). Many of you helped them financially in … Continue reading

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