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Bilingual Catechism

With the new catechetical year beginning, it may be time to consider once again a purchase of my book. This basic bilingual catechism (Spanish/English) meets a pastoral need that I have encountered over and over again: in working with Latino … Continue reading

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Sufficient Confession Times

A priest-friend of mine has remarked that every priest should take his weekly confession time (in minutes), multiply by 52 weeks, then divide by the number of individual parishioners over the age of reason. The result is how many minutes … Continue reading

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Confession during Mass?

May confessions be heard during Mass? There is still rather a lot of confusion about this question — both among priests and laity. It is not unusual to hear of a priest who, with a great sense of certitude, declares … Continue reading

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Working on Holy Days of Obligation

There are five [or six] Holy Days of Obligation each year in the United States: Immaculate Conception (December 8), Christmas (December 25), Mary, Mother of God (January 1), Assumption (August 15), and All Saints (November 1). [In a few regions … Continue reading

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Mass “For the People” – All the People

You may have seen in your parish bulletin that one of the Sunday Masses is scheduled “For the People”. In some bulletins they still use the Latin, “Pro Populo“, or perhaps they vary the wording a bit, such as “For … Continue reading

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Sick Call Crucifix

I’ll never forget, when I was a deacon and was helping in a parish in Pennsylvania on the weekends, taking communion to an elderly gentleman and finding, when I arrived, that he had a candle lit and a crucifix near … Continue reading

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