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Checking on the Nuns

I had a brief trip down to Montgomery today, and on the way back I stopped in at the Dominican Monastery of St. Jude. I’ve written about them many times on this blog. A wonderful group of cloistered Dominican nuns! … Continue reading

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Excellent Nuns to Hold Discernment Retreat

The wonderful cloistered Dominican nuns of St. Jude Monastery in Marbury, Alabama have notified me about their upcoming discernment retreat. Here is an info-graphic – click to enlarge: This Vocation Retreat will be on the weekend of June 3-5 for young women aged 16-27, so if … Continue reading

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Your Prayers during My Retreat

We have our diocesan priest retreat this week at St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama; the monks always provide us with fine hospitality and a prayerful place to recollect. If you have any special prayer intentions that you’d like me … Continue reading

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On the Feast of St. Anne

July 26 is the feast of St. Anne, grandmother of Jesus and mother of the Blessed Mother. PRAYER TO ST. ANNE Good St. Anne, you were especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, … Continue reading

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Latin Conferences

A Latin-speaking priest friend has notified me of two important Latin conferences that will be held this summer. These will be great opportunities to turbo-charge your knowledge of the Latin language and meet other people with similar interests. If you might … Continue reading

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Potato Onion Oil Egg Salt

Tonight I tried my hand at a great meatless meal, Spanish Tortilla. It is nothing like the tortilla we know in the USA, made from flour or corn. This one, rather, is made from eggs and potatoes (and oil, onion, … Continue reading

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Confession in Sixteen Languages

In my travels I’ve gone to confession in four different languages: English (obviously), Spanish, Italian, and French. And as a priest I’ve heard confessions in various languages. There are some places where I’ve been, however, where I did not speak the … Continue reading

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A Recipe for Your Christmas Menu

During my three years in Italy I tried a number of delicious dishes, but there is one, which I had towards the end, that really stands out in my mind – for its wonderful flavor, and great simplicity. It is … Continue reading

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Friday Abstinence Dispensation

I recently came across this fascinating snippet from the past: back in the 1960s, when companies were still trying to respect their clients’ religious beliefs instead of downplay or ignore them, Trans World Airlines (TWA) petitioned the Holy See for … Continue reading

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Catholic Doctor in Liberia UPDATES

I recently posted about a faithful Catholic doctor (and deacon), Rev. Dr. Timothy Flanigan, who has gone on a mission to Liberia to help provide training and healthcare for those fighting the deadly Ebola virus. In the meantime, the hospital … Continue reading

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Feast of St. Vincent de Paul

On this feast of St. Vincent de Paul, here is a photo of his effigy in Paris, which I took on November 9, 2013: St. Vincent de Paul, pray for us.

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Pope St. Gregory the Great

This evening I have the privilege of celebrating Mass for the St. John Vianney Vocations Society here in Birmingham. Here is the brief homily that I have prepared to give. (If you are going to be there, and are reading this beforehand, … Continue reading

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