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Vocations Retreat in Marbury

I have posted on several occasions about the wonderful cloistered Dominican nuns in Marbury, Alabama (including fairly recently) – a rather hidden and very unassuming place, with a small number of nuns but great faith, great prayer, and great liturgy. … Continue reading

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Help Send A Good Book to Nicaragua

We recently welcomed a new religious order to the Diocese of Birmingham — the Fraternity Poor of Jesus Christ (link is to their Facebook page). The friars have set up a house at Blessed Sacrament Church, with three friars resident … Continue reading

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Images above Altars

I’ve been on my annual retreat this week, which I am making in a beloved city in Mexico. During this time I have been sharing some photos on social media. One, in particular, generated some comment: Some have wondered not … Continue reading

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Something You (Sometimes) See in Seminary Chapels

I’m visiting Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans at present, and noticed an interesting detail in their chapel. It is surely not an accident that there are four steps leading up to the main sanctuary level, then three steps from … Continue reading

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Walking the Road to God

A kind reader sent me a book called Walking the Road to God that I had had on my wish list. The author, Father Lawrence Carney, went to the same seminary as me, a year ahead of me. I remember … Continue reading

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Rome Pilgrimage – February 1-11

I am leading a pilgrimage to the Eternal City from February 1 to 11, 2018. We had a full group, but a couple of people have backed out, so we are advertising it again. If you are interested in participating, … Continue reading

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Prayers for Confessors to Say

One spring during my period of studies in Rome, I spent Holy Week at a parish in Edinburgh, Scotland and assisted with the sacred functions there. It was there that I saw, for the first time, a beautiful prayer for … Continue reading

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Checking on the Nuns

I had a brief trip down to Montgomery today, and on the way back I stopped in at the Dominican Monastery of St. Jude. I’ve written about them many times on this blog. A wonderful group of cloistered Dominican nuns! … Continue reading

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Excellent Nuns to Hold Discernment Retreat

The wonderful cloistered Dominican nuns of St. Jude Monastery in Marbury, Alabama have notified me about their upcoming discernment retreat. Here is an info-graphic – click to enlarge: This Vocation Retreat will be on the weekend of June 3-5 for young women aged 16-27, so if … Continue reading

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Your Prayers during My Retreat

We have our diocesan priest retreat this week at St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama; the monks always provide us with fine hospitality and a prayerful place to recollect. If you have any special prayer intentions that you’d like me … Continue reading

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On the Feast of St. Anne

July 26 is the feast of St. Anne, grandmother of Jesus and mother of the Blessed Mother. PRAYER TO ST. ANNE Good St. Anne, you were especially favored by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, … Continue reading

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Latin Conferences

A Latin-speaking priest friend has notified me of two important Latin conferences that will be held this summer. These will be great opportunities to turbo-charge your knowledge of the Latin language and meet other people with similar interests. If you might … Continue reading

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