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Homily on Vocation Boom

A condensed form of my Sunday homily for this week is available on Vocation Boom, featuring my currently-crackly voice (another doctor’s appointment this Tuesday…). “A face made for radio and a voice made for print!” Anyway, I post a link … Continue reading

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On Leaving Mass Early

This is what people see as they go to leave Mass early out the main door of one of my parishes: (It was installed by a previous pastor, I think.)

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A Church, A Dessert, A View

I am enjoying a brief visit to Germany* before returning home. Today we drove through part of the Rhineland, very scenic. Here is an altarpiece in a church we stopped to see called the Rheingau Cathedral (although apparently it is … Continue reading

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Today seems like a good day for a nice photo. Here are some swans that I saw in the beautiful town of Bruges, Belgium: Incidentally, I always thought that this photo would look good as an impressionist painting. Some photo … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Celebrate

I picked up some provisions today… …If it’s not too late after I get home tonight from the Easter Vigil, I might dive in. Otherwise, they’ll be waiting for me tomorrow!

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Field Trip

Went to the gardens at the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo today. Here is a cameo shot. I have a lot more photos to share but it’ll have to wait a day or two, given technology limitations.

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One of Rome’s stray cats, sleeping on a broken column (or something), not far from where Julius Caesar was assassinated.

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More Pre-Nostalgia

I posted recently about something that I am already planning to miss, once I will have returned home. Here is something else: walking past the Trevi Fountain. I won’t miss the tourist hordes that are always mobbing it; no, I’ll … Continue reading

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Four Hundred Thirteen

I saw a note on our bulletin board this evening – March 7, 2014 marked the 413th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the residence that I live in. It was originally built as a Dominican convent. Well, … Continue reading

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Tacos, American-Italian Style

Tonight, together with some friends, I made “tacos” (apologies to my Mexican friends) – by which I mean, “tacos” as we understood them to be when I was growing up, back in the days when we thought that Taco Bell … Continue reading

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Optical Illusion Floor

Part of the floor in the Basilica of St. John Lateran: The Romans have long loved to put marble on EVERYTHING. Thus, they have gotten pretty good (and creative) at it.

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Vatican Department Store

Did you know that Vatican City-State has its own department store? It also has a supermarket, a pharmacy, a financial institution (technically, it’s not a bank), and three post offices (plus a mobile postal unit). Access to places like the … Continue reading

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